"The crew of Uncarved Block practices woodcraft as it should be: with precision, as art, and with reverence for the material and the setting."



Uncarved Block is a design/build organization that combines historic building techniques with modern technology and an eye towards the artistic.  At Uncarved Block we encompass the entire building process—from preliminary design sketches to a finished building—and manage your building project to be efficient, professional, and economical.

We strive to build with local materials, such as wood milled from your site or from the region, and we carefully place those materials in your building to take advantage of their strength, size, shape, and beauty.   Our exceptional buildings showcase unique finishes, such as hand planed and oiled timbers joined with riven pegs, clay or lime plaster walls, native stone walls, and stunning flooring and woodworking from local woods.

We work with a select group of craftspeople, suppliers, subcontractors and artists to create an inspired, collaborative space.  We view Uncarved Block as the collection of people involved in your building.  From designers and consultants, to carpenters, timber framers, loggers, sawyers, plasterers, and every person whose hands and eyes touch your project.  Uncarved Block is behind all of these people, materials, and concepts ensuring that your project is built just as you pictured.


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