Each building that Uncarved Block designs is unique to suit both you the client and the site.  In past projects we have designed houses, barns, garden structures, and shops—from initial napkin sketches to the final intricate details.  We can offer minimal design services for a simple structure, or everything from structural design to lighting design for a more refined structure.  We will also work with your design professionals if you desire.

At Uncarved Block we are inspired by the building traditions from not just New England, but also from Japan, France, the UK, and beyond.  This opens a broad vocabulary of design which might include:  English half-timber buildings, Japanese hip roofs, Welsh cruck frames, fully round log elements, and contemporary building styles.

Uncarved Block will also incorporate the appropriate green building technologies into your project which may include superinsulation (including Passive House principles), the use of natural building enclosures (straw bale, straw/clay, and woodchip/clay), passive solar design, and the most efficient mechanical systems to provide you with a building that will last for centuries and require minimal energy to heat, cool, and maintain.