New hybrid timber frame/double stud wall 3

Lots of activity on the job.  Framing is complete.  The interior air barrier (Intello) and service cavity are complete.  The entire house is off of the electric grid, so we're running all of our tools off of PV.  Dense-pack cellulose in the 12" double stud walls and 18" cathedral ceilings is complete.  And windows and doors are in.  While the sheetrock is being done, we'll be outside starting the south porch and west deck.  

New Hybrid timber frame/double stud wall 2

Lots of progress on the hybrid timber frame we've been working on it Becket.  In one quick week, we put the timber frame up, the floor panels from Bensonwood, the second floor wall, and the roof purlins. You can see some of the big 7x18 gluelams that spread the roof load to the outer walls. 

Bottom Lines Business Summit

Uncarved Block has been a member for about a year of NESEA's (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association) Bottom Lines group--a business peer-review network.  Bottom Lines consists of 30 businesses (mostly builders) that are involved in building energy efficient homes.  Those 30 are divided into 3 smaller groups that are distributed across the Northeast.  

Brad was recently invited to organize and moderate a discussion at our annual summit on the use of technology in construction businesses.  The panel consisted of Mel Baiser of Baiser Construction Management and Ben Kelley of Building Shelter, both incredibly knowledgeable in the subject.  The presentation and discussions were great.  Pictured above is Mark Boudreau and Marlin May.

Second Video featuring Uncarved Block

Here's the second new video featuring Brad Morse of Uncarved Block.  Brad cuts a traditional pegged mortise and tenon joint, using more common carpentry tools.  At Uncarved Block, we use a number of very specialized timber framing tools that aren't shown in this video to make the process even more efficient and accurate.